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Governor Paterson Immediately Rescinds Totally Defensible Staff Raises

One day after the state legislature approved controversial furloughs for 100,000 state workers to save money amidst a budget crisis, an Albany TV station revealed that Paterson had given raises to five staffers ten days ago, four of whom work in his embattled press office. Not that they don’t deserve them — especially the press people; what a nightmare that place must be — but the optics are not exactly helpful when you’re asking for sacrifice from the unions, and threatening layoffs if the furloughs are blocked by the courts. Nevertheless, Paterson spokesperson Morgan Hook defended the raises by pointing out that the staffers “had added responsibilities and they have added work because we have fewer people doing the same job” [because so many people have quit after being sucked into Paterson’s web of deceit.]

And yet, only a few hours after news of the raises was splashed across the city’s tabloids, Hook announced that Paterson was rescinding the raises. Not because there’s anything wrong with them though.

We’re not going to let this become a distraction,” Paterson Communications Director Morgan Hook said during an interview with The Post Fred Dicker on WGDJ 1300-AM. “We’re going to do what is not the right thing and pull back these promotions.”

Yeah, okay. We wish someday a spokesman would just go, “You know what? We blew it on this one. Our bad.”

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Governor Paterson Immediately Rescinds Totally Defensible Staff Raises