Harvard MBA Larry Estrada Will Do No Harm at Goldman Sachs

Business students, recent reports have indicated, are entering the workforce with a different attitude toward their profession than their predecessors, whose callousness was illuminated by the financial crisis. Sure, today’s MBAs would still like to make buttloads of money, but they are also committed to changing the system for the better. Take Anna Katherine Barnett-Hart, the 24-year-old grad student whose thesis on collateralized-debt obligations was praised by Michael Lewis in The Big Short, and who told the Journal that “the culture at these investment banks needed to change,” and who went to work on the Street because “what these banks needed is for outsiders to come in with a fresh perspective.” Or Larry Estrada, a Harvard Business School student who, Bloomberg reports today, is one of many who will take the MBA Oath, in which he will pledge to not “advance my personal interests at the expense of my enterprise or society” before he joins Goldman Sachs as an investment adviser.

For me, it was a stake in the ground, to say here are my values, here’s what I believe in,” said Estrada.”When I have a tough decision, I want to be in a position where I have my own personal oath.”

Touching! That said, in some ways, as you can see from the picture of Larry’s Facebook page at left, this new crop of graduates is exactly the same.

Goldman Harvard Recruit Pledges to Do No Harm, Fights for Oath [Bloomberg]
Larry Estrada [Facebook]

Harvard MBA Larry Estrada Will Do No Harm at Goldman Sachs