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Loyal Followers Turn on Sarah Palin Over Endorsement

It’s usually difficult to find a more Palin-friendly place than the comment threads for Sarah Palin’s own Facebook notes (standard message: “Go get ‘em Sarah!”), but today, Palin’s Facebook page is full of dismay, disenchantment, and even some disgust. It’s all because Palin endorsed former Hewlett Packard CEO Carly “Demon Sheep” Fiorina over the more conservative Chuck DeVore in California’s Republican Senate primary. For Palin’s followers this unconscionable lapse in judgment was not an isolated incident — her previous endorsement of John McCain was not widely appreciated by the anti-establishment Tea Party crowd. But that was at least understandable, McCain having saved Palin from a soul-crushing life of low-paying gubernatorial drudgery. This endorsement, however, will not stand. Just take a look at some of these sample comments (FYI: “RINO” stands for “Republican in Name Only.” It is an insult applied to moderates.):

Sarah! You got sucked into the drain! The crapper your fans call Washington, D.C. and the likes of folks like them. We will throw you a life vest and pray you climb out.”

Sarah … Carley Fiorina supports CAP N TRADE and the bank bailouts. What were you thinking?”

Sorry Sarah YOUR WRONG !!! I will not support Carly. Sarah I thought you were supporting True Conservatives. Why are you supporting RHINO’s LIKE MCCAIN AND CARLY. I could let you go on McCain, because you admire him for his service, but i can’t let you go on this. This is a Bad Choice and it looks like your becoming part of the establishment.”

Sarah, you have been a great voice for conservatives but on this one you have failed to do your homework.”

Dislike. One more RINO endorsement, and I”m out.”

Sarah, you are looking absolutely schizophrenic. Say one thing do another. Are you a Constitutional conservative or not? You cant support Fiorina/big business/talks good but a big business rino. I will not support anyone but Chuck Devore. You are quickly losing credibility with your followers. McCain I could buy, only because of prior committments, Fiorina NOT!”

Did Sarah sell her endorsement? Did McCain called in some favors? She is too loyal to McCain and the McCainiettes. We don’t need more RINOs in the Senate. I don’t understand why she wouldn’t endorse the real conservative Devore.”

HUGE MISTAKE!!!!! You have lost credibility with many conservative groups in CA with that one!!!! All conservative groups are backing Chuck DeVore. We gave you a pass on McCain. Not this time.”

The backlash has gotten intense enough for Palin to add an update to her original endorsement.

I’d like to add a few things about my Carly endorsement because some reaction right out of the chute calls for more information:

Stay tuned, this is only going to get better.

Let’s shake it up in California! (Updated) [Sarah Palin/Facebook]

Loyal Followers Turn on Sarah Palin Over Endorsement