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Michael Wolff Accuses Murdoch, Post of Gossipy Revenge Reach-Around

Michael Wolff thinks that he was the victim of unjust and vengeful persecution by Rupert Murdoch’s New York Post after Murdoch was displeased with Wolff’s 2008 book (which he is still plugging every chance he gets) The Man Who Owned the News. From an interview in the Guardian:

The Post launched what Wolff believes was a major vendetta against him. It was motivated in part, he believes, by the anger of Col Allan, its editor, at the book’s portrayal of him as a hard-drinking newsroom bully. Page Six (the Post’s gossip column) began a series of attacking pieces against Wolff, exposing an affair that Wolff was having with an intern 27 years younger than him, and then covering his eventual divorce.

To get around tight Post rules on the evidence needed to run stories about extramarital relationships, Wolff claims the paper leaked the story to a website called Cityfile and then reported on that.

The story was, of course, true, but Wolff still gripes, “I am probably the least famous person whose acts of adultery have been written about in the New York Post.” That’s certainly not true — it seems like every day there’s some grudge item or other in “Page Six” featuring some person we’ve never heard of. But as Wolff’s own girlfriend put it a year ago in the London Spectator, if you live in New York, no matter who you are, don’t you always get what’s coming to you?

Michael Wolff: ‘Rupert will do anything’ [Guardian UK]

Michael Wolff Accuses Murdoch, Post of Gossipy Revenge Reach-Around