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Mimi Gurbst Sounds Terrifying, Awesome

The New York Observer’s Felix Gillette has received a lot of flack (including from “Page Six” and Gawker) for the rather fluffy piece he wrote last week about Mimi Gurbst, ABC’s senior producer who’s leaving the network to become a high-school guidance counselor. In the piece he described the future mediator of teen angst as “a kind of cherished, if unofficial, career counselor at ABC News.” Commenters on the site, however, were quick to vilify Gurbst, revealing that she is in fact Queen Bitch in her own remake of Mean Girls. In the over 160 comments (who knew former ABC employees spent their days trolling the Observer’s website?), Gurbst has received what one commenter calls “TV Karma,” but we’ve picked out some of our favorite comments, including a How to Get In With Mimi guide, which should be very helpful for her future high-school students.

Some are laughably hyperbolic:

Live by the sword, die by the sword. Mimi wielded the sharpest of daggers during her long career but she backed the wrong side in the “anchor wars” of 2005-2010…and now (like Thomas Cromwell) she too must climb the scaffold. - Abcobserver

One time Mimi threw a Molotov cocktail at the newsroom, setting it ablaze, then danced a jig while thrusting her pitchfork into the air with glee. True story. - WalterCronkite

But this one makes her seem kind of awesome:

Hear that, kids?

Mimi Gurbst Sounds Terrifying, Awesome