New GOP Website Is a Work in Progress

In an effort to get Joe Sixpacks and Hockey Moms contributing ideas on how to fix politics, House Republicans have launched a website called America Speaking Out. It’s basically a Digg for political ideas. Users submit ideas and other users vote on them. Apparently the site is built around some pretty serous technology. At a ceremony announcing the site yesterday, California Rep. Kevin McCarthy, said in order to track down the software for the site he “personally traveled to Washington state and discovered a Microsoft program that helped NASA map the moon.” So, how’s it all working out?

Yes, the site is only two days old and yes, it’s on the Internet, which means it invites wackos, but some of the suggestions are so absurd it makes you wonder if the GOP wishes it never went to the moon to get this technology. Some highlights:

How about if Congress actually do thier job and VET or Usurper in Chief, Obama is NOT a Natural Born Citizen in any way. That fake so called birth certificate is useless.”

And the best yet (though we suspect it’s a joke):

A ‘teacher’ told my child in class that dolphins were mammals and not fish! And the same thing about whales! We need TRADITIONAL VALUES in all areas of education. If it swims in the water, it is a FISH. Period! End of Story.”

But wacky suggestions aren’t the only problem with America Speaking Out. The ideas with the most positive votes on the site now currently promote ending government support of religious organizations, legalizing marijuana and ensuring that “termination of pregnancy should be safe, legal, and rare.” Oops.

Republicans’ new Web site not exactly what they hoped it would be

New GOP Website Is a Work in Progress