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Obama Fanboys Rip Administration’s Oil Spill Response

If President Obama needed any more proof that his administration hasn’t handled the BP oil spill with grace, he need look no further than two of his biggest fans, James Carville and Chris Matthews. Normally unwavering Obama fanboys, Carville and Matthews have both recently criticized the administration’s response to the spill. On an appearance on Friday’s Tonight Show, Matthews said, “[it] scares me. He’s been acting a little like a Vatican Observer here. When is he actually going to do something?”

Meanwhile, Carville, who is a Louisiana native and regularly tore President Bush apart for his administration’s response to Hurricane Katrina, said Obama has been “lackadaisical. 

The White House isn’t too fond of this line of attack as evidenced by Robert Gibbs’s answer to Chip Reid’s question about why the government was standing by as a spectator. “Chip, there’s nothing that would denote that the federal government has stood there and hoped for the best. I mean, the premise of your question doesn’t match any single … action that our government has undertaken since the call came in that this rig had exploded in the Gulf.”

Carville, Matthews rip W.H. BP response

Obama Fanboys Rip Administration’s Oil Spill Response