P. Diddy ‘Mind Sexes’ Interviewer

Matt Zaller, whose junket interviews for Metacafe are reliably funny, got Get Him to the Greek star Sean “P.Diddy” Combs to demonstrate a new interview technique recently: “mind sexing.” From the interview:

Zaller: You’re making me feel really good right now.
Diddy: I could tell. You know what I’m doing to you right now, right?
Zaller: You’re mind fucking me.
Diddy: I know, you. You felt it?
Zaller: Mind sexing. Pardon my expression
Diddy: Yeah. It’s a heterosexual thing, don’t feel uncomfortable
Zaller: No, I would never feel uncomfortable in front of you, in any scenario, especially heterosexual scenarios. In other scenarios …
Diddy: You know, if the guns came out and everything you’d probably feel a little bit uncomfortable.
Zaller: Who said anything about guns?

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P. Diddy ‘Mind Sexes’ Interviewer