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Why Does This Rumor That André Balazs Is Dating Courtney Love Persist?

Here is the evidence that the Daily News lists today indicating that rocker Courtney Love and posh hotelier André Balazs — despite both denying a romance — are in a relationship:

Love gets discounts at André’s hotels. When she’s in Los Angeles, she stays at the Chateau Marmont. When she’s here, she’ll be at the Mercer. “Let’s just say she’s not exactly expected to pay the normal rate, if you know what I mean,” a source tells the News. Yes, we know what you mean: She’s a celebrity getting an incentive to stay at a trendy hotel.
She dragged him away from a party to smoke a cigarette. This might mean something, if she hadn’t done the exact same thing to us one time. (And we are not sleeping with her, to clarify.)

She was seen hanging off of him. Again, this would mean something if we didn’t have the ability to search her name on, and see that anytime she is photographed with a man (a gay man, particularly), she is hanging off of him.
She went nuts trying to get his attention. “She acted like a toddler!” a spy told the News. “It got so bad that the woman André was talking to got really embarrassed and he had to apologize and walk away. By then, Courtney was crying and screaming.” Um. And this is a surprise?

For what it’s worth, here is our evidence that André Balazs is not dating Courtney Love:

She is Courtney Love, and he is André Balazs. So, we guess, wash. Now as to whether they are friends with benefits, we have no official opinion 

Rumored lovers Courtney Love, Uma Thurman’s ex Andre Balazs cause a scene at Boom Boom Room [NYDN]

Why Does This Rumor That André Balazs Is Dating Courtney Love Persist?