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Woman Leaves $8.4 Million Estate to Her Butler

Since we at Intel keep a close eye on the news, occasionally we have the strange experience of coming across reports of things that happened to other people which we know for a fact were actually meant to have happened to us. Like a freelance journalist wins millions in the lottery. Or a man is saved from drowning by a sexy shirtless surfer. Or a 98-year-old film and stage actress named Ruth Ford leaves her butler her entire $8.4 million estate, which includes two apartments at the Dakota and a valuable collection of Russian surrealist art, in exchange for twenty years of service.

From the Journal:

Now 57 years old, Mr. Tamang has a wife and three daughters and owns a two-family home in the Woodside section of Queens. In addition, he now has a multimillion-dollar inheritance and the views of a co-op board to consider. “I was always hearing about America,” Mr. Tamang said. “I took my chance and I came. I had no idea how the work was going to go and how long I would stay.”

According to the Journal, the will has been contested by Ford’s daughter, though the claims have been dismissed and she now says she’s “happy” for the butler. And who can blame her for trying? Probably she thought this was supposed to happen to her, too.

The Butler Did It—at the Dakota [WSJ]

Woman Leaves $8.4 Million Estate to Her Butler