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Al Gore Was Accused of ‘Unwanted Sexual Contact’ in 2006

The National Enquirer continues to be on a roll. Law-enforcement officials have confirmed an Enquirer report that former vice-president Al Gore, recently separated from his wife, was accused of “unwanted sexual contact” by a Portland massage therapist in October 2006, though no charges were filed due to a lack of evidence.

After a lawyer for the unidentified woman contacted police in late 2006, the woman refused to be interviewed and did not want the investigation to proceed. She then contacted police in January 2009 and gave a statement, claiming Gore tried to have sex with her during an appointment at a hotel in downtown Portland.

I was shocked and I did not massage beyond what is considered a safe, nonsexual area of the abdomen,” she said in her statement. “He further insisted and acted angry, becoming verbally sharp and loud … I went into much deeper shock as I realized it appeared he was demanding sexual favors or sexual behaviors.”

The entire 45-page statement can be read here, and, while the whole thing is pretty horrifying/graphic, perhaps the strangest detail is that, as part of Gore’s “seduction,” he asked the masseuse to look at his iPod … which was playing Pink’s “Dear Mr. President.”

Gore Was Accused of Sexual Advances [AP via NYT]

Al Gore Was Accused of ‘Unwanted Sexual Contact’ in 2006