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AllianceBernstein CEO Peter Kraus Keeps It Real

Peter Kraus is very rich. He retired from Goldman Sachs after 22 years in 2008, then collected a $25 million payout after working for Merrill Lynch for three months. After that, he moved on to become CEO of AllianceBernstein, which paid him a $6 million bonus this year, on top of the $75 million worth of stock he owns. He has a $37 million apartment, a collection of designer watches that match his suits, a collection of ties that match his watches, and a collection of fine art that matches his life as a baller. But don’t make the mistake of thinking that Kraus is only interested in material things. He has depth.

As this anecdote from the Post illustrates:

On one wall hangs “Les Balayeurs du Désert” (The Desert Sweepers), a limited-edition video by Su-Mei Tse played on a large flat-screen monitor. It shows dozens of uniformed janitors sweeping sand in the desert with brooms. Only five copies were sold, for about $20,000 each, according to the Peter Blum Gallery in Chelsea.”What’s the meaning of life?” Kraus says with a smirk, referring to the video. “If you can get comfortable with that, you can get comfortable with anything.”

You see? We are all the janitors, endlessly, futilely pushing the grains of sand until life is over and we die. Except some people, who just get to watch the janitors push the sand from the plush comfort of their corner offices.

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AllianceBernstein CEO Peter Kraus Keeps It Real