Latvians Stimulate Economy With ‘Blonde Parade’

Keep your multi-billion stimulus package, President Obama. Forget your temporary job-creation programs, Mayor Bloomberg. Stuff your small-business loan initiative, Goldman Sachs. Give us what Riga had this weekend: a parade of blondes.

We have to cheer people up. We know there is an economic crisis, but small things like a playground or a blonde parade can cheer up all the residents of Riga. Why not?” says Marika Gederte, president of the Latvian Association of Blondes (LAB).

Latvia: now leading the world in low-overhead, fail-safe stimulus programs. Who knew?

Update: We’ve compiled the images into a slideshow, so we can all be cheered!

Blonde Parade Hopes to Brighten Latvia’s Economy [CNBC]

Latvians Stimulate Economy With ‘Blonde Parade’