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CNN, MSNBC Battling for Eliot Spitzer

When CNN’s Campbell Brown left the network several weeks ago, Eliot Spitzer was immediately suggested as a possible panelist on a show that would air in the time slot left open by Brown’s departure. But now Spitzer is being bandied about as a potential host at both CNN and MSNBC. Both networks have reached out to the former governor, who has completed several test runs (most recently filling in for Dylan Ratigan on MSNBC).

While this would, to put it mildly, represent a rebound in the public sphere for the scandal-ridden documentary subject, one “veteran Spitzer watcher” couched the possibility in near-religious terms.

It seems to me that he craves the spotlight and I think he craves relevance,” said Doug Muzzio, a Baruch College politics professor and veteran Spitzer watcher. “He really deeply believes that he has something to offer that is uniquely Spitzer and that drives him. The fact that he blew it on so many levels pushes him more. This is almost redemption.”

Ooh, let’s wait for David Paterson’s term to expire, and then the duo can co-host the show together! Two redemptions for the price of one, or something.

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CNN, MSNBC Battling for Eliot Spitzer