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Cranky Times Reporter Lashes Out at Critical Bloggers

With many online news outlets wondering whether a New York Times story on Afghanistan’s mineral deposits was less a fresh discovery than a PR ploy by the Army, the story’s author, James Risen, let loose on the brash, ignorant youngsters who dare to question him. “Do you even know anything about me?” he asked Yahoo News blogger John Cook, late of Gawker. “Maybe you were still in school when I broke the NSA story, I don’t know. It was back when you were in kindergarten, I think.”

Cook also tweeted that Risen, falling back on hurtful stereotypes, said that bloggers who criticized the story were just “jerking off in their pajamas.” Ouch, man. Ouch. That just shows how little Risen actually understands bloggers. We would never jerk off in our only article of clothing.

Shortly after hanging up, Risen regained his composure and called back. “I was taken aback by some of the criticism, and didn’t sleep well last night, and was upset about it,” he said. “I apologize.” Sounds like someone needs a nappy-poo.

NYT reporter defends Afghan minerals piece, lashes out at critics [Newsroom/Yahoo]

Cranky Times Reporter Lashes Out at Critical Bloggers