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Craziest Primary Race Gets Just a Bit Crazier Before Voting Begins

It’s another primary day! Eleven states are holding their primaries for Congress, governor, and everything else today, making it the biggest primary day of the midterm election season. Some of the more notable races: In California, former eBay CEO Meg Whitman will likely cruise to victory in the GOP gubernatorial primary after spending approximately all the money in the world on her campaign. In the state Republican senate primary, former Hewlett Packard CEO Carly “global warming is just the weather” Fiorina is probably winning her race against two other challengers. In Arkansas, there’s the runoff between Democratic senator Blanche Lincoln and Lieutenant Governor Bill Halter, and Lincoln could be the latest incumbent vanquished in primaries this election season. In Nevada, the race for a Republican challenger to Harry Reid looks to be going to bona fide tea partier Sharron Angle, after the campaign of Sue Lowden tanked in the wake of her chicken-centric health-care plan.

But of course, the best race of all has been the Republican gubernatorial primary in South Carolina, which has involved a blogger-related accusation of infidelity, a lobbyist-related accusation of infidelity, racial slurs, and now, lie-detector tests. Yep, one day before voters head to the polls, Larry Marchant, the lobbyist who says he had a one-night stand with congresswoman Nikki Haley, sort of passed a lie-detector test administered by a news station and two legit polygraph examiners. We say “sort of” because the results were declared “inconclusive,” but at the same time:

I can tell you if I was going to bet my next paycheck as to whether or not he was telling the truth about the allegations he has made, I would bet that sooner or later he would pass that test successfully,” says the second licensed examiner, Joseph Gallimore.

And yet, this probably won’t matter, as Haley is leading the race by twenty points, and only 13 percent of voters think the affair allegations are true. But there’s still plenty of time for more evidence to emerge before the general election, and frankly, we can’t wait.

Craziest Primary Race Gets Just a Bit Crazier Before Voting Begins