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Fat Man Has Sex With Cheap Hookers

When Tiki Barber has an affair with a 23-year-old, it is “steamy.” Tiger Woods’s dalliances with assorted VIP club hostesses and porn stars were sexy “sex romps.” But when former union president Danny Hughes has sex with prostitutes, it is “tawdry,” according to the Post. Why? Partly because he used cheap hookers and is relatively poor and blue-collar, but mostly because he is fat. Fat fat fat. Let’s count how many different ways the paper can drive this point home in their story, titled, “Union boss hog in $300K hooker scam.”

The married, obese [2] former president of a Port Authority union admitted yesterday in court to embezzling nearly $300,000 in member dues and using the cash for tawdry hook-ups with prostitutes, casino trips and lavish meals [3], sources told The Post.

Lavish, GIANT meals.

Hughes used his union’s funds as his own personal piggy bank,” [3] added PA Deputy Attorney General Michael Nestor, the director of investigations for the IG’s Office … Hughes, who stands 5-foot-11 and weighs more than 350 pounds [4] — after recent weight-reduction surgery [5] — used a Queens-based escort service that billed him $400 to $500 an hour, a source said.

To be fair, we don’t think the Post did this to shame the guy. It’s just because they are really committed to getting you, the reader, a visual.

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Fat Man Has Sex With Cheap Hookers