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FCIC Annoyed That Goldman Sachs Is Making Them Work for It

Oh, those crafty folks at Goldman Sachs. They figured out how to play the financial crisis to their advantage, and now, apparently, they’ve figured out how to wriggle out of any wrongdoing, by providing the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission with too little and too much information. Today, the commission subpoenaed Goldman for “failing to comply with a request for documents and interviews in a timely manner.” Simultaneously, Committee Chairman Phil Angelides complained that the firm had given them too much information, after the firm delivered 20 million pages of documents to the office. But that’s not what they asked for!

We did not ask them to pull up a dump truck to our offices to dump a bunch of rubbish,” Angelides said in a conference call.

No word on whether Goldman actually rented a garbage truck, which would be amazing to say the least. He went on.

We’re not going to let the American people be played for chumps here. We should not be forced to play ‘Where’s Waldo’ on behalf of the America people.”

Honestly. This isn’t what Angelides signed up for. He thought he was just supposed to show up, shout out a few questions he read in the New York Times, and Bob’s your uncle — not do actual work. How’s he supposed to figure out where Goldman committed fraud without the company pointing out exactly where and how they did it? Goddamn this gig. His agent is so fired.

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FCIC Annoyed That Goldman Sachs Is Making Them Work for It