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Jann Wenner: Obama ‘Needs to Make Some Course Corrections’

In a thoroughly rah-rah feature Sunday, the Times praised Rolling Stone for “hitting its journalistic stride” as of late, citing the recent McChrystal piece as well as last summer’s Goldman Sachs take down. The Times notes that the resurgence of Rolling Stone’s critical eye — its “more antagonistic tack” — comes under a president the magazine (and founder/editor Jann Wenner) enthusiastically supported, timing that is not lost on Wenner.

Mr. Wenner said he had been emboldened by what he described as a sense of disappointment over Mr. Obama’s first 18 months in office. ‘I’m for Obama, but I think he needs to make some course corrections,’ Mr. Wenner said. The unforgiving and hard-nosed publisher then mustered about as much sympathy as he could and added, ‘I realize he’s got a tough job.’”

And to think just a few years ago the two were kicking back and chatting about Deadheads and their favorite Dylan songs.

A Magazine Back on a Roll [NYT]

Jann Wenner: Obama ‘Needs to Make Some Course Corrections’