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Jim Frederick Named Managing Editor of

Time magazine has finally replaced Josh Tyrangiel, the deputy managing editor in charge of who left to helm Bloomberg Businessweek last November, with another digital director. Jim Frederick, who had been consulting with Time editor Rick Stengel on how to update the site, was tapped by Stengel and Time Inc. editor-in-chief John Huey to take on the role of managing editor, and executive editor of Time.

June 18, 2010
To: Time Inc. Employees
From: John Huey and Richard Stengel
Re: Staff Announcement

On the recommendation of Rick Stengel, I am pleased to announce that Jim Frederick will become the new managing editor of and an executive editor of TIME. His promotion should come as no surprise to anyone who has witnessed his quick grasp of all things Time since arriving in management here just a short while ago. He has impressed all of us with his journalistic chops, his leadership effectiveness, and his commitment to teamwork. I will defer to Rick to explain his new assignment more fully.

About six weeks ago I asked Jim to help me figure out some strategic as well as logistical issues regarding In short order, he got to the bottom of those issues and I soon became convinced that Jim was the right person at this critical moment to lead us forward at has important challenges and opportunities ahead and Jim will work closely with Daniel Eisenberg and Cathy Sharick, who have done an excellent job of running and managing the site. The recent launch of Newsfeed is an example of the team’s strong and innovative work. In his new job, Jim will continue the integration between the magazine and and he will oversee how we integrate all of our work on the iPad. Jim cares deeply about our values as a news organization, and his history as a foreign correspondent for us in both Tokyo and London, and his powerful book about the Iraq war, Black Hearts, speaks to his profound credentials as a journalist. But it’s his MBA from the Stern School of Business at NYU that might help him even more in his new assignment. In addition to running, Jim will continue to be my point person on operations, personnel and budget issues.

Congratulations to Jim on his new challenge.

Jim Frederick Named Managing Editor of