Kim Kardashian and Christina Aguilera Even Go to the Bathroom Together

Rapper Kid Cudi was arrested after yanking the door off of a young woman’s Chelsea apartment and smashing her cell phone against a wall. Brittany Murphy’s late husband supposedly had two “secret children” from previous marriages. Larry King is allegedly looking to escape his marriage drama by moving back to New York. And Kim Kardashian “made a beeline” for her new best friend Christina Aguilera at the singer’s party at Avenue the other night, staying by her side into the wee hours, even joining her in the ladies’ room.

Kristen Stewart confessed that kissing Taylor Lautner in Eclipse was “hard … because it was so against everything that Bella’s always been,” but added, “Taylor [and I] have so much fun with this stuff because our intimate moments are so few and far between — and weird.” Rihanna and Dodger Matt Kemp were all over each other at West Hollywood’s Industry nightclub. And Sarah Palin confirmed, “I have not had implants.”

Contrary to previous reports, Renée Zellweger and Bradley Cooper are not engaged. The couple celebrated Jason Bateman and Will Arnett’s new content company, DumbDumb, along with Kristen Bell, Amanda Peet, and a pregnant Amy Poehler, then partner Ben Silverman and Zach Galifianakis hosted an after-party at the Soho House. Jodie Foster allegedly attacked a teen photographer, but the camera footage of the incident has gone missing. And Megan Fox says she stays sane by distancing herself from “the Hollywood crowd” and indulging her domestic side.

The man accused of stalking gymnast Shawn Johnson was found guilty. Brad Pitt finally trimmed his beard, though it’s still pretty shaggy. Jenny McCarthy is looking to launch a talk show on Oprah’s network. Miss USA Rima Fakih mingled with tech consultants at their company party at 230 Fifth. Amanda Seyfried spent all day Saturday palling around Hollywood with her ex, Dominic Cooper.

Kim Kardashian and Christina Aguilera Even Go to the Bathroom Together