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Men’s Magazines Birthing All Over the Place

Today the Observer tells us about two new magazines aimed at men that are braving the media maelstrom and setting sail this summer. The first is MadePossible, a “multi-channel content network designed to empower men 25-34 to maximize their potential, achieve their dreams and live self-fulfilling lives.” It’ll be more “clean-cut” than the Maxims or even the Detailses of the world, says founder Michael Ridout, who launched the project in part with his retirement plan from Time Inc. The other is Good Men Project Magazine, helmed by Times writer Benoit Denizet-Lewis. It’ll focus on things like relationships, ethics, and parenting (currently it features an excerpt from our very own Will Leitch’s new book!) and will “take the best parts of magazines like GQ and Esquire,” says Denizet-Lewis.

Meanwhile, Keith Kelly in the Post tells us about MensWear, a new magazine produced by the Fairchild Fashion Group wing of Si Newhouse’s Advance Publications. It’ll be a “trade/consumer hybrid,” says Fairchild CEO Gina Sanders, and it’s set to debut next week under the oversight of WWD editor Ed Nardoza. (A similar project was thought up by recently exited Fairchild head honcho Richard Beckman but never saw fruition.)

So apparently, the new trends in men’s magazines are fashion, healthy living, and fewer boobs. Have a great summer, everyone!

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Men’s Magazines Birthing All Over the Place