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Oil-Spill Cleanup Effort Could Last ‘Well Into the Fall’

There’s kind of promising news — and then some awfully deflating news — on the oil-spill front today. BP spokesman Mark Proegler said the containment cap trapped about 441,000 gallons Saturday, an increase from the 250,000 collected Friday. Progress! Though this progress seems less awesome when considering an estimated 500,000 to a million gallons are leaking daily.

We’re making the right progress,” Coast Guard admiral Thad Allen said Sunday on CNN. “I don’t think anybody should be pleased as long as there’s oil in the water … So I would say progress has been made but nobody should be pleased until a relief well is done.”

And Allen further tempered expectations in a separate appearance on CBS’s Face the Nation, when he claimed that even if this latest attempt at containing the leak works, the cleanup effort will likely last “well into the fall.” Sigh.

Coast Guard Sees Cleanup of Spill Lasting Until the Fall [NYT]

Oil-Spill Cleanup Effort Could Last ‘Well Into the Fall’