Somebody in Alabama Is Committing a ‘Serious Crime’ Against Jill Zarin

Now, we here at Intel have had our hard times with Real Housewife of New York City Jill Zarin. We may or may not have called her a “disgusting person” over and over on the Internet, and she may or may not want to wring our necks. But lately we have softened to her, as she has tried to salvage her friendships and reputation the only way she knows how — over meals of Diet Coke and nothing, at Le Cirque. So it is with a shred of pity that we read about her current plight on Facebook. Someone has committed “a serious crime” against the Zarins, Jill explains on Facebook. “All evidence has been handed over. If you are involved in anyway..I suggest you stop. Enough is enough. It is NOT funny or a joke,” she warns. The crime?

So..we are being harassed and threatened by a family from chicago and Alabama. We have contacted authorities,” Zarin writes, explaining that their postal address was posted online and she’s begun to receive hate mail. “I will block anyone who is linked to them per postal service law enforcement until they finish investigation.” Do you hear that? She will block you. From what? From Twitter, of course! Writes Jill:

I will not tolerate haters on my my Facebook and Twitter accounts anymore. The show is now OVER. I will be blocking anyone following the serious haters as well. Dina gave me good advice. You know who I mean. Haters come with being a celebrity..we all have them but I will do my best to block them and their followers. Peace and Love…not hate. If I blk you by accident. post on jillzarin.com and I will get it.

We’re not mocking; harassment is scary in whatever form you receive it, even through the mail. But we do sort of feel obligated to point out that Jill’s distress about this would seem just a bissel more legitimate if she hadn’t used it as an opportunity to give a shout-out to Dina Manzo, the star of whatever Real Housewives installment currently airing.

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Somebody in Alabama Is Committing a ‘Serious Crime’ Against Jill Zarin