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Aaron Schock Explains His Sexy Ab Shot

Representative Aaron Schock hits the gym seven days a week, which has contributed to his reputation for having Congress’s most toned body. He also sometimes wears tight white jeans and teal belts, which has contributed to his reputation as … well, uh, Times? “Mr. Schock is single and opposed to gay marriage, and he has told reporters that he is not gay,” the paper reports today. The paper also gives us the backstory to Schock’s infamous naughty bathing-suit shot, in which his six-pack abs are featured prominently and his winking face is framed by two ample breasts in a bikini.

When he ran for the Peoria school board, his opponent got him kicked off the ballot on a technicality. Mr. Schock engineered a grass-roots write-in campaign and won by 1,942 votes. Bob Hall, the lawyer for his opponent, soon became one of his biggest supporters, and one day when Mr. Schock — then the youngest state representative in Illinois — was lounging by the pool at the River City Athletic Club, Mr. Hall’s daughter popped up behind him in a bikini and asked for a photo. “And so I looked at the photo and said, ‘All right, if that ever gets out, I’m going to kill you guys,’ ” he said with a grin.

Apparently not really. While pursuing the homosexual plotline further, the Times asked Schock what he thought of becoming an icon for gay male fans, like “Liza Minnelli and Lady Gaga.” “If they’re in my district,” he said. “I’ll take votes wherever I can get them.”

A Congressman’s Abs Garner Yeas [NYT]

Aaron Schock Explains His Sexy Ab Shot