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Chelsea Clinton’s Wedding: The Uninvited Speak Up

There’s (allegedly) only seven days left until the social event of the summer, the Chelsea Clinton wedding! No, no, your invitation didn’t get lost in the mail. At this point, if you haven’t received one, face it: You’re not going. But for some in the D.C. social set, being left off this guest list is a harsh reality:

Hank Sheinkopf, “a political consultant who worked on Mr. Clinton’s presidential re-election in 1996 (and who, for the record, was not invited),” makes it sound like these snubs have made people question the very notion of friendship in this dog-eat-dog world: “It is dangerous to presume closeness to people in power, and it is very rare when there are real, unbreakable friendships,” he explained. The owner of Gristedes, who is apparently friends with the Clintons (or so he thought!), is also not invited, the Times reports. “I wouldn’t use the word ‘hard feelings,” he said. “I’d use the word ‘maybe a little disappointed.’”

None of The Uninvited quoted in this story, however, claims to be friends with Marc Mezvinsky or Chelsea Clinton, who are, you know, the people actually getting married. So if so many of Bill and Hillary’s alleged friends were left off the guest list, perhaps it means this wedding will really just be about, of all people, the bride and groom.

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Chelsea Clinton’s Wedding: The Uninvited Speak Up