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Clintons Taking Wedding Secrecy a Bit Too Far?

Vietnam isn’t the only country full of excitement for the wedding of former First Daughter Chelsea Clinton next weekend: Two journalists from Norwegian newspaper Verden Gang went so far as to get arrested in pursuit of sating their country’s unquenchable thirst for wedding news. Police say that Thomas Bjorn Nilsson and Kjerste Sortland were caught trespassing Wednesday on the property of the Astor Estate in Rhinebeck, where the ceremony will be held. But were they really trespassing? The paper’s managing editor doesn’t think so, as she explains with what may be considerable sarcasm.

Reached in Oslo, Helje Solberg, managing editor for the newspaper Verdens Gang, said police went overboard when Nilsson and Sortland tried to take pictures of the gate. She said they were not on the property.

It’s not, usually. But this is Chelsea Clinton we’re talking about here. America has watched her grow with sporadic interest for the past twenty years, and now she’s finally getting married! This is bigger than freedom of the press.

2 Norwegian Journalists Arrested For Snapping Photos Of Chelsea Clinton’s Likely Wedding Site [AP via HuffPo]

Clintons Taking Wedding Secrecy a Bit Too Far?