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Elena Kagan’s Ten Funniest Moments

After two long days of questioning by the Senate Judiciary Committee, some senators are convinced that Solicitor General Elena Kagan could have an immediate impact on the Supreme Court once she’s confirmed. “You know, there was a study I read that showed that when he sits on the Supreme Court bench hearing cases, Justice Scalia gets the most laughs,” Senator Chuck Schumer said on Tuesday. “If you get there, and I believe you will, you’re going to give him a run for his money.” And it wasn’t just Schumer — Kagan seemed to charm the pants off Republican senators like Lindsey Graham and Tom Coburn with her good spirits and sense of humor. Oh, and she’ll also probably be a pretty good judge, too, we guess. But nobody ever doubted that Kagan would give all the right answers about “following the Constitution” and “judging objectively.” What people didn’t know was how funny Kagan would be, which is all anyone can talk about now. So how funny is she, really? We watched every minute of the hearings to bring you her ten best moments, including some good one-liners, a few quips about the grueling confirmation process, and even a Jewish joke. (Keep in mind that these are Supreme Court confirmation hearings. The comedy bar is significantly lower.)











Elena Kagan’s Ten Funniest Moments