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Guy de Chimay Stands Up for Love

Guy de Chimay was a 47-year-old hedge-fund manager with ties to the Belgian royal family. Erica Saiger was a 31-year-old publicist who thought she’d hit the New York jackpot. Their wedding date was set: October 10, 2009. They were registered for an All-Clad Slow Cooker. Then her family tried to redeem $1 million of funds they had placed with Erica’s new fiancé, and were told no. The nuptials were called off. Some time later, the SEC slapped Chimay with a complaint alleging he’d used the money the Saigers, along with others, had invested to cover his divorce from his previous wife, his Hamptons rental, and his credit-card debt, and suggested that he might not even be royal at all. But Chimay begs to differ. He is connected to the Belgian royal family, he insisted to the Daily News yesterday; he can prove it. And his actions, despite all appearances, were not the desperate machinations of a man in the throes of midlife crisis.

He may be a crap investor, Chimay said, but he is a man of principle.

De Chimay said losses were because of bad investments — not theft.

On that, you will just have to take his word.

Update: This post has been updated to correct a spelling error helpfully pointed out by the Wall Street Journal
Accused con man, Guy de Chimay, claims he can prove he’s Belgian royalty [NYDN]
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Guy de Chimay Stands Up for Love