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Hookup Teachers Got Dressed Really Slowly

Remember those two language teachers at James Madison High School who were caught doing naked things in a classroom during an assembly back in December? Well the official investigation has been completed, and it’s even more disturbing than you could imagine. Not only does the report reveal that the teachers got drunk before their hookup, it also shows that they have no idea how to get dressed frantically.

Their apparent tryst in the darkened room was abruptly interrupted about 8:50 p.m. by two handymen who opened the door and made a startling discovery — “a woman lying on the floor naked from the waist up.”

Oh, s—!” one of the teachers yelled out.

A school safety agent was summoned and arrived in time to catch the pair “naked” — one “on her knees” and one “lying on the floor,” the documents show.

One female had on pants with no shirt; she was putting on a white bra with one breast still hanging out,” Waite reports.

So slow. You were caught hooking up during an assembly, ladies; you’re not putting on clothes in the locker room after an hour in the sauna. Have some respect for caught-having-sex protocol.

’Horndog High’ teachers Alini Brito, Cindy Mauro were boozed up before sexual tryst at James Madison [NYDN]

Hookup Teachers Got Dressed Really Slowly