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Mount Palin Is Rumbling

Since she abruptly ended her reign over Alaska nearly one year ago, all of the country has wondered — some with trepidation — what her long-term plans really are. Would she simply build her brand and make a ton of money? Or would she run for president, setting off a whole new round of “I’ll move to Canada” threats? It’s still too early to tell — and perhaps Palin herself doesn’t know yet — but a couple of recent signs have pointed to the latter. Last week, Palin’s SarahPAC released an ad that, behind its talk of pit bulls and grizzly bears and elephants, looked a lot like something created for a candidate for office. And now Palin’s fund-raising efforts are getting more serious. Reports Politico:

The report, filed with the Federal Election Commission, shows that Palin’s political action committee raised more money in the second quarter of this year — $866,000 — than it had in any previous three-month stretch since Palin formed the group in January 2009.

Let’s put it this way: You don’t need “foreign and domestic policy consulting” just to host a reality show about life in Alaska.

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Mount Palin Is Rumbling