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President Obama’s Vast Ice-Cream Conspiracy

When Barack Obama was vacationing in Maine last weekend, he stopped at the Mount Desert Ice Cream Shop, which has a sign bearing a fist clenching a spoon that, yes, resembles the Black Power symbol. A photographer snapped a photo, and the conservative blogosphere went rabid. Or did it? On July 20, a Bangor Daily News reporter wrote that “several right-leaning bloggers have suggested that the decision by Obama, the nation’s first black president, to patronize a shop with what one site called ‘such a politically-sensitive logo’ has hidden, intentional meaning.” (The owner of the store is white.) We found six blogs that were not afraid to draw conclusions about the president’s dessert proclivities. The truth is below.

Why President Obama chose to patronize an establishment with such a politically-sensitive logo at this time is uncertain. Some speculate that his handlers, or Obama himself, decided on the press shoot to send a subtle message to his core radical base.” — The Right Perspective: NYC’s Most Dangerous Callers to Talk Radio Give the RIGHT Perspective on Their Own show

Since nothing happens in this administration that isn’t planned out in advance, it’s almost as if this is an “in your face” about Obama’s Attorney General’s dropping the voter intimidation case against the New Black Panther Party.” —The Powers That Be: Thoughts, Musings and Commentary By Columnist Doug Powers

Yesterday, President Obama was photographed outside the Mount Desert Island Ice Cream shop in Bay Harbor, Maine. Notice anything familiar about their logo? It’s pretty much the same thing as the “black power” logo, except with a spoon” —Infidel Blogger’s Alliance

Any Idea Why Obama Chose This Ice Cream Shop? Fightin’ the Man, one coconut ice cream cone at a time…” —Weasel Zippers: Scouring the Bowels of the Internet

Notice the ‘black power’ sign behind Obama? Maybe he’s sending out a message to his peeps in the New Black Panther Party. Just pontificating.” —Scotty Starnes’ Politically Incorrect

You’re probably tired of see the Jug-Earred Jackass holding this ice-cream cone … Want to know why he bought it at that particular shop? Look closely.” —Kickin’ and Screamin’: Dispensing truth in liberal doses … and … where on April 14, 2009 I went to bed a conservative gun owner but awoke the next morning, according to the DHS, a possible member of a right wing extremist group needing to be watched.

President Obama’s Vast Ice-Cream Conspiracy