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Local Actress Finally Catches a Break

It’s a classic New York story. Young girl moves to New York, stars in her eyes, intent on being a Broadway actress. A few years, a handful of Off Broadway (really off–Off Broadway, if you must know the truth) plays and a thousand demoralizing auditions later, and she’s pushing 30, still living in Brooklyn, still working her waitressing job at the Hillstone restaurant in the Citicorp Building. Eventually, in the first of what is sure to be a series of acts of capitulation, she enrolls in grad school to teach other kids how to sing and dance, because, fine, Mom. For many people, the story ends there. But not for Liza Marie Johnston, whose uncanny resemblance to accused Russian sexpot-spy Anna Chapman may just be her lucky break!

A brunette from Pittsburgh who moved here to become an actress, Johnston said she dyed her hair red when she was cast as Mary-Kate in an off-Broadway production of “The Misadventures of Mary-Kate and Ashley.”

We’d say she probably has a shot for a role in the made-for-TV movie, or at least the Law & Order episode. Not to mention, we’re just going to say it, the inevitable Vivid Entertainment take of the Russian spy affair. Congratulations, Liza!

She’s NOT Anna Chapman, but Liza Marie Johnston has many asking if she’s a Russian spy [NYDN]

Local Actress Finally Catches a Break