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Women of The Daily Show to Jezebel: Go F@#k Yourself!

When Irin Carmon at Jezebel wrote a piece a couple of weeks ago alleging that The Daily Show is sexist, mostly based on their hiring of Olivia Munn (who is very — suspiciously — pretty) and the grievances of a few fired former staffers, we kind of thought it was weird, insofar as we thought about it at all, because frankly between our high-powered career and Pilates and worrying about our wombs and cooking and perfecting the 30-minute meal and the blow job, we frankly do not have the time in our day to get worked up about how hard it is to Be A Woman. In fact, that is something we only think about like once a month, when the office bathroom is out of tampons. Leave it to the people who enjoy shrill, circular discussions, we said to ourselves. They’ll sort it out. Soon enough, dissent rose from the feminist blogosphere like a chorus of vuvuzelas. Now, the female staff of The Daily Show (and guess what, there are loads of them) have responded.

In addition to some funny lines, (“What is Jon Stewart really like? ‘Well, for a sexist prick, he can be quite charming.’ And: “PPS. Thanks to the male writers who penned this for us.”) They sign off with this punch in the boobs:

Now that is a good way to spend your day.

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Women of The Daily Show to Jezebel: Go F@#k Yourself!