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The Hot Tutor With a Sex-Filled Life (and HPV)

Once a week, Daily Intel takes a peek behind doors left slightly ajar. This week, the Hot Tutor With a Sex-Filled Life (and HPV): Female, 24, Brooklyn, in a long-term relationship.

9:30 a.m: The dog heaves puke on the floor. Mike doesn’t care, so I clean it up. I’m wildly annoyed. When I get back to bed I’m not in the mood to touch him so he turns and farts. I want to kick him.
10:40 a.m: “That’s some fierce morning wood I got there, right babe?” Mike says as he rubs it on my ass. He licks his fingers to get me wet. It’s better morning sex than usual; I come twice.
12:20 p.m: We cuddle on the couch. I ask, “You like your chubby girlfriend?” after he grabs my stomach. He says, “Yup.” I comment, but with a smile so another fight is avoided.

1 p.m: A “Trojan Vibrating Touch” commercial comes on. Mike asks what it is. I tell him and he asks if I want one, but before I can answer he says, “Oh, that’s right, my dick works.” Yeah, his dick works fine, but why not try it?
3 p.m: We goof around, tickling and ass-grabbing, while we get dressed for work. He gives me a kiss, says I look pretty and that he’ll call when he’s out. “I love you” is yelled as he leaves.
12:20 a.m: Mike calls me when he’s done tending bar and wants me to meet him for a few drinks. I meet a new waitress he works with. She’s pretty, but I try not to be negative and let Mike’s past infidelity make me paranoid.
2:15 a.m.: On the ride home, Mike says, “I’m glad everyone at work is in a serious relationship so there’s none of that bullshit flirting and hooking up going on.” I feel relieved, but wonder if he’s compensating.
2:30 a.m: We’re naked in bed, watching South Park. I ask for a back rub. Instead he kisses my neck and gets hard. We do our usual mix of positions, but when I’m on top he says, “I could have you ride me for the rest of my life.” He comes, harder than I do, in me and then he falls asleep.

10:40 a.m: I should be in the shower but our roommate is, so I rub Mike’s hard-on and I don’t think he realizes I really want sex until I start blowing him. I’m surprised I’m so aroused, and Mike says, “Wow, you’re really hot for my cock this morning,” and I come quickly.
5:15 p.m: We meet for a quick dinner before I have to go to a babysitting gig. I playfully try to convince him to come over after the kids are asleep for a little action, and he makes a few snide comments about how he’ll get plenty of action later.
11:10 p.m: Home from babysitting. Mike bought me ice cream so we eat it naked in our bedroom. I love looking at his ass, and we make out a few times between bites. Reminds me of when we were so goofily in love and I had no worries.
1:30 a.m.: I begin to fall asleep while holding his cock. He gets hard and starts kissing me, so I wake up and we have amazing sex. I come three times (once in each position). We’re pretty vocal tonight, and we both say “I love you” and I really feel it.

12:45 p.m: We wake up and lounge around the house. I say, “We fight a lot less when we have sex every day,” and he agrees. We figure out what we’re going to do for our date night. We decide to go to the restaurant where he works.
8:15 p.m: I get home to find that Mike bought a new couch and rearranged the living room and it looks great! I get ready for our date and Mike says, “Get hot, flaunt what you got,” so I spend about an hour getting sexy.
9:50 p.m: We eat and kiss and have a great dinner and talk about what’s happening in our lives. I feel very in love with him.
12:45 a.m: A few heated discussions but we’re able to diffuse them even though we’re pretty tipsy. I go outside for a cigarette and he comes out and tells me a few guys were talking about how good I looked. We talk about how we fight but how it’s really not that bad because we’re meant to be together.
2:30 a.m: At home. We normally cuddle on the same couch, but since there are two now, we each take our own. We’re both too tired to make love so we fall right asleep.

9:30 a.m: I have to get up for work and he doesn’t. He does a little naked shake-the-dick dance and it makes me laugh. Wish I didn’t have to work.
Noon: At work, talking to a student about his sex and gender class. We talk about porn, gender, sex roles, and sex workers for an hour.
5:15 p.m: I get a letter from Planned Parenthood, requesting that I come in for a colposcopy and biopsy because a “low grade squamous intraepithelial lesion” came up on my Pap smear — Google says it’s basically pre-cancer cells. I’m worried because a big fear of mine is that I won’t be able to have kids. Mike tells me not to worry.
6 p.m: Mike keeps peeking into the shower while I’m washing. He’s being wildly cute and excited about the BBQ we’re hosting.
11:15 p.m: Our friends are here, including Ben. After a few shots, he starts talking about his latest hookups. We have a debate about the risks of gay sex versus straight sex. He confesses that he has had numerous male partners at a time, and that during three- and foursomes, he refuses to participate if any dick is unwrapped.
12:45 a.m: Two friends too drunk to drive home, so we have them crash on the couch. Mike and I go to bed and talk about how much we appreciate each other.
1:30 a.m: We’re pretty drunk, but Mike goes down on me for nearly an hour. I come several times and I can tell Mike is proud of himself. We make nice slow love, which is unusual for our state, but we both come and then pass out.

2 p.m: Hung-over. We lounge around. I give him a hand job for about twenty minutes. He’s rock hard and I get on. It’s my favorite position, but I don’t come very hard.
4:30 p.m: Mike gives me a nice back rub and we nap. We have hardly fought this week. Talking to each other about how much we appreciate each other really helps.
6 p.m: A couple we like comes over. The girl and I go to the grocery store while the boys clean up to get the house, and we talk about the Pap smear. She tells me that Mike’s ex, one of her good friends, had HPV and may or may not have told Mike.
11:50 p.m: Mike and I are exhausted and he has to be up early, so we head to bed. I wake up often worrying about the Pap smear, about how much my current lifestyle could mess up my plans for a family in the future. Then he reaches over, spoons me, and I feel comforted.

11:25 a.m: It’s girlfriend brunch day.
12:45 p.m: Sharing our experiences with anal. We have all done it, but with our current boyfriends it’s daunting because they are all better endowed than our exes — they all request, but don’t pressure us. P and I are happy with the oral and T is outraged that her boyfriend has stopped lately.
6 p.m: P’s boyfriend calls and whines that he’s bored and that he’s sick of our girls day (we’ve been drinking wine and talking for seven hours) so he’s going to a party at his ex-girlfriend’s. To appease him, P gives him the keys to her car and says, “Just come get me when I call you, but have fun.” I see that guys and girls, when in a long-term relationship, are not that different: We’re all needy.
10:30 p.m: We’re all pretty drunk and attempting to skateboard and ride bikes. P fell. She is upset about her bleeding toe and she’s ready to go, so I call her boyfriend, and he refuses to come because now he’s having fun. I think about Mike and how if I called him like this, there wouldn’t be a single second of questioning.
4:25 a.m: Wake up on the couch, sweating and confused. I am relieved when I see Mike on the other couch. We strip down, put on all the fans, kiss a few times. Too hot to fool around.

2:50 p.m: Wake up and see that Mike called several times. He answers in hysterics, “Where have you been? I’ve called you like five times!” For once our positions are switched. He wanted to meet up and treat me to a lunch and I didn’t answer. I laugh and tell him I love him and that I can’t wait to see him when he gets out of work.
6:30 p.m: I tell my mom about the low-grade lesion and she is really upset because she was my age when she had a full hysterectomy, and she puts more worry into my head, but I try to be positive.
11:55 p.m: Mike calls to tell me he’s out of work and wants me to meet him for a beer. I tell him to just come home, save some money, and I’m really horny. He says he’ll be home right away.

TOTALS: Six acts of intercourse; one act of extended cunnilingus; one act of fellatio; one act of eating ice cream nude in bed; two couples’ dinners; one worrisome Pap smear.

The Hot Tutor With a Sex-Filled Life (and HPV)