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The Nonprofit Gay Guy With an Active Sidewalk Fantasy Life

Once a week, Daily Intel takes a peek behind doors left slightly ajar. This week, the Nonprofit Gay Guy With an Active Sidewalk Fantasy Life: 27 years old, in a relationship, gay, Crown Heights.

7:46 a.m.: Live-in boyfriend of five years still asleep. Look at pictures of men online before he wakes up. Get hard, hear alarm go off. Lose boner.
7:57 a.m.: Boyfriend awake. He kisses me good morning and tells me I’m pretty. He’s coming home very late tonight.
8:53 a.m.: Train. The guy next to me has a really nice butt. He’s the reason I got in this car. He’s with his girlfriend.

8:56 a.m.: Teens yelling “faggot” at each other. Change cars.
11:09 a.m.: At work, bored. Read an article about Rafael Nadal. I don’t follow tennis, but I heard somewhere that he wears a thong. Go to the bathroom, consider whether or not I will jerk off when I get home.
1:45 p.m.: Walking around on my lunch break. It’s not often you see such a burly, muscular, tattooed man pulling his suitcase on wheels behind him. Shouldn’t he be hoisting it atop his brawny shoulder?
5:01 p.m.: Riding home horny. Want to jerk off. What if my boyfriend comes home and wants sex? I weigh my options.
5:55 p.m.: Finish jerking off. Thanks for the love, computer. Came before I wanted to. Time for yoga.
7:19 p.m.: Finish yoga. Still horny. Maybe I can go twice tonight if boyfriend comes home.
11:15 p.m.: Boyfriend not home yet. Jerk off again.

8:23 a.m.: Cuddling on the couch with boyfriend. I should be getting ready for work. We act silly. I get up to brush my teeth, kiss him good-bye.
8:53 a.m.: Guy pulls up next to me on the subway platform. He’s not cute but he is wearing tight pants. I’m a little spent from yesterday and don’t want to expend the energy it takes to lust after a stranger.
10:39 a.m.: Weather is warm and there are beautiful men outside. Two in particular catch my eye — one is a short Mexican man leaning against a storefront with an outsize bulge in his jeans. Another guy, tall and long-haired, is walking toward me, his junk swinging visibly. I am obsessed. Are we all biologically drawn to the promise of fleshy, protruding body parts? Is this the same feeling straight men get for breasts?
11:46 a.m.: Browsing the archive of my favorite sex-advice columnist. I wish I had the “problem” of being asked by a well-muscled straight roommate to tie him up naked when his girlfriend wasn’t around. I can dream.
7:25 p.m.: Finishing up yoga practice. Boyfriend comes home and kisses me while I’m wiggling into the lotus posture. I flirt with him but he’s in a cute mood, not a sexy mood. I get frustrated.
10 p.m.After dinner we cuddle while watching a gay love story. I think about how happy I am with my man laying across my lap.
12:59 a.m.: In bed, we unexpectedly start making out. After a slow start it becomes really hot sex. We clean up and say good night. I’m delighted by this unexpected surprise.

6:50 a.m.: Wake up hard, but still sore from last night. Think about how simply satisfying sex was last night.
8:45 a.m.: I’m working today in a park by the East River, and a rowing team launches their boat into the water. They’re all beautiful, their tight singlets pulled down around their waists to reveal smooth, athletic torsos. Teamwork is sexy.
2:50 p.m.: On the train, heading home. A young man across and to my right is wearing tight, light-colored pants. His legs are spread wide and I can’t stop looking. He catches me every time I take a peek. I change seats to more stealthily eye-rape my fellow passenger, but people are now standing in front of him.
3:05 p.m. I come to a sexy passage in the book I’m reading and my cock starts to throb. I think about masturbating when I get home.
4:13 p.m.: I walk in the door, grab my computer, lay on my bed, and pull off my pants. Jerk off.
11:15 p.m.: Me and boyfriend are cuddling on the couch after drinking some wine. I feel his dick grow hard as he tongue-kisses me. I am drunk and tired and not in the mood. We take a shower, I fall asleep while we watch a cheesy horror flick.

8:23 a.m.: I’m still laying in bed because I don’t have work today. Boyfriend comes in to tickle me awake. I get a boner and try to convince him that he should have a little fun with me. He has to work, though. We roughhouse a little, then get up and drink coffee.
12:30 p.m.: In yoga class, the land of women. The teacher is demonstrating a pose and her ass is right next to my face. I look and think how inappropriate it would be to reach out and pinch it. Later in class we are upside-down and the girl across from me has wicked camel toe. There are no other men in class.
8:30 p.m.: At the theater with boyfriend. The play is set on a Navy ship. One of the actors is very hot — blond, glasses, beefy torso. I hope the role requires him to take his shirt off.
9:30 p.m.: Lo and behold, it does! My dream has come true.

10:50 a.m.: Boyfriend’s out for a bit. Look at some videos on Xtube. I’m not that into any of them, but I keep browsing, get harder and hornier. I’m touching myself, getting more and more excited, but I stop because I’d rather get it on with boyfriend later.
11 a.m.: The exterminator rings the doorbell. I try to hide my boner as I let him in.
4:30 p.m.: Just finished picking up a friend’s couch before they move.
5:35 p.m.: After lounging for a bit after the heavy lifting, boyfriend and I get down to business of breaking in this new piece of furniture. He pounds me.
11:30 p.m.: We head over to friends’ house in the neighborhood, another gay couple. We have a few beers and smoke some pot.
12:15 p.m.: Talking to one-half of the couple. I am drawn to him, not because of his looks but because he is so outwardly sensual. I feel free to talk about sex and hot men around him. He gets a bit touchy, sitting next to me and brushing my leg. I’ve fantasized about circle jerks or a four-way between me and mine and him and his, but I think that’s staying in the realm of fantasy.
2 a.m.: Home. Fall asleep on our new couch.

10:45 a.m.: We wake up late, lie around in bed a while, and start fooling around. I bite his nipples and suck his neck, and rub against him. We make out despite mutual morning breath. He is taking longer than me this time and finally finishes. I clean up.
6:05 p.m.: It’s been a lazy day. We’re doing yoga. I teach boyfriend an adjustment that involves him pressing onto the backs of my thighs as I’m lying on my back with my legs spread wide up in the air. A very sexy assist.

7:52 a.m.: I’m up earlier than boyfriend. Drinking coffee and surfing the web for swimwear. I *will* wear a Speedo this summer.
8:51 a.m.: A man next to me on the train is decently attractive. I’m drawn to his thick, veiny, hairy hands. His spectacled face is pleasant, with jarringly red lips. I take a seat next to him but he’s coughing and sniffling. Fearing the germs, I get up and walk across the car.
12:07 p.m.: Get up from my desk and head for the bathroom. As I open the door, a recurring fantasy pops into my head: I accidentally walk in on my rugged, tight-jeans-wearing co-worker. I quickly apologize and turn around but he says “wait.” I close the door and he lets me suck his big dick in the stall. Back to reality.
2:30 p.m.: Walking in from lunch, I see aforementioned rugged guy smoking outside. I rush past him and avoid eye contact. I can never bring myself to say hi because I’m afraid he’s noticed me staring at his crotch. But he’s always wearing really tight pants and he looks so big down there.
5:05 p.m.: On the ride home, I read the words “raging erection” in my book. A jolt hits my loins. I get the urge, but put it out of mind.
6:07 p.m.: Finish up a perfectly satisfying jerk-off session with some really hot porn. I feel giddy and relaxed.
8:30 p.m. Boyfriend and I head over to friends’ house for the Drag Race finale. Fierce!

TOTALS: Three acts of intercourse; four acts of masturbation; two well-controlled subway erections.

The Nonprofit Gay Guy With an Active Sidewalk Fantasy Life