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What Does Fox News’s Bantam Boy Toy Bill Hemmer Want Next?

Fox News host Bill Hemmer, who co-anchors the network’s morning program America’s Newsroom, is a sweet, all-around-nice Midwestern guy, according to a profile by Howard Kurtz today. Kurtz and his sources talk about Hemmer’s inherent Ohio-ness, and how it informs his reporting (from mistrusting New York elites to “blanching” when people swear on the air). “He’s a wholesome reporter, he’s from Ohio, he grew up in a large family, he has an innate curiosity, and he’s likable,” Fox News SSVP Michael Clemente told Kurtz. “He’s almost an Everyman, a decent guy.” And as anyone who watches Fox knows, he’s cute!

He’s like the male version of all their snappy bottle blondes, a rare male anchor on the network who doesn’t fit the Serious Middle-Aged White Guy With Dad Hair mold. In fact, back at CNN, he used to do his own makeup, and he picks out his own Paul Smith suits. So what does 45-year-old, unmarried, wholesome, handsome Bill Hemmer, with the new multi-million-dollar contract and the country house in Sag Harbor, want next?

Sounding like a man who missed something on life’s checklist, Hemmer notes that his four siblings are married and he has 11 nieces and nephews. “The next chapter has got to be children,” he says.

That the next step is kids and not marriage is probably sad news for whoever Hemmer is currently dating. Also: good news for others of us?

What Does Fox News’s Bantam Boy Toy Bill Hemmer Want Next?