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Doth the White House Protest Too Much?

In response to chatter that the president’s snubbing of a certain banker (We don’t think we need to name him, suffice to say it’s the one who is “commonly referred to by a single name, like Pelé or Madonna,” — at today’s reform-bill signing was another sign that their Special Relationship is waning, spokeswoman Jen Psaki lashed out on the White House blog today. “This is a fake controversy,” she fumed. Everything is fine. Obama talked to Jamie, like, yesterday, and he was totally cool not being invited. He had other plans. It wasn’t a big deal at all,Psaki said.

The CEO’s who opposed reform never expected to be invited to the bill signing and not a single one has complained to the Administration. In fact Administration officials have been in touch with many of the same CEOs about a number of issues over the last few days and this issue has not even registered. Many of the same CEOs are meeting with Prime Minister David Cameron in New York City this morning.

And yes, Obama did promise he’d call him later, if you must know. God, the media really needs to get a life, she went on.

Given the bill signing, Republican attempts to block the extension of UI benefits and the small business bill on the Senate floor—you would think there is plenty of substantive news to cover.”

Duly shamed. But wait: Why, with all the substantive news out there, is the White House focusing on this? Hmm?

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Doth the White House Protest Too Much?