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How WikiLeaks Is Changing the World

After dumping 90,000 documents from the war in Afghanistan, and with a treasure trove of millions of files on other topics from around the world waiting to be released, everywhere-and-nowhere Internet leak hub WikiLeaks is once again the center of a discussion about the changing landscape of investigative journalism and the relationship between the media and the state secrets it reports. Nobody questions the importance of WikiLeaks, but not everyone is pleased.

Alexis Madrigal, Atlantic:

Jay Rosen, PressThink:

If you go to the Wikileaks Twitter profile, next to “location” it says: Everywhere. Which is one of the most striking things about it: the world’s first stateless news organization….

David Carr, Twitter:

Dave Gilson, Mojo/Mother Jones:

Dan Gillmor, Salon:

What WikiLeaks represents is what governments and corporations fear: a threat to their cultures of secrecy and dominance in their domains.

Glenn Greenwald, Salon:

Gabriel Schoenfeld, Corner/National Review:

James Fallows, Atlantic:

How WikiLeaks Is Changing the World