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Wounded Writer Lashes Out

Writers are notoriously bad at taking criticism. It’s kind of funny, really, they can characterize someone else as “a blood-sucking vampire squid” in a national magazine like it’s no big thing, but suggest in good humor that this bit here is a little self-indulgent, maybe? And they might throw a steaming hot coffee in your face, if that is an option open to them. If it is not, they will likely attack with a cranky, mean retort that attacks you as a human being.*

This is what CBS legal analyst and Daily Politics contributor Andrew Cohen did yesterday to Lizzie Skurnick, after she wrote a pretty hilarious takedown of a piece he wrote about his ex-girlfriend on the same site. Here is an excerpt of the gloriously regrettable missive, which is one of the finest of the genre we’ve seen:

The first time I read your piece I was upset. The second time I read it I realized you’ve spent the last 20 years or so looking (and failing, evidently) to find someone or something in a relationship. And the third time I read it I realized why that was. To spend so much time and energy and apparent relish being so bitter and judgmental about someone you don’t know and a relationship you know nothing about: How sad for you.”

The full thing, if you missed it, is at Jezebel.

*Unless they live every day with a Greek Chorus of nattering commenters under them at all times, in which case they are quite used to it.

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Wounded Writer Lashes Out