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Everyone Notes the Vagueness, Unscariness of Beckapalooza

Observers of Glenn Beck’s “Restoring Honor” rally in Washington, D.C., over the weekend are reacting to it in the same way one would respond to seeing a UFO or the world’s ugliest dog: What was that thing? Despite the presence of Beck and Sarah Palin, it certainly wasn’t a political rally, at least in the familiar sense — there was scant if any mention of President Obama, Democrats, or the election. To the surprise of many, there was a complete absence of the angry, partisan rhetoric (at least overtly) to which we’ve become accustomed. What was ubiquitous was the message of “returning to God” and other religious themes, but it was all so vague that even those in attendance didn’t really have any idea what the point of it all was, or why they came.

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Everyone Notes the Vagueness, Unscariness of Beckapalooza