Bedbug Infestation Shuts Down Times Square Movie Theater

We’ve always kind of minced around the AMC movie theater in Times Square because let’s face it, with all those people coming in and out, it does seem like a place where you could pick up something, like a kid-snot-borne illness or possibly The Clap. But should we have gone there recently, no amount of hand sanitizer would have protected us from the plague that shut the theater down last night: bedbugs.

According to spokesman Justin Scott, the AMC is treating the theater after receiving complaints from customers.

We have taken aggressive and proactive steps to help ensure our theatres remain free of bed bugs.” Scott said that the theater will be treated again in two weeks, as is recommended by pest control specialists.

Until then, make plans to see Eat Pray Love elsewhere. Possibly in a hazmat suit.

Bed Bugs Found at Times Square Movie Theater [Fox NY via BI]

Bedbug Infestation Shuts Down Times Square Movie Theater