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British Lady Who Threw Away Someone’s Cat for No Reason Is Kind of Sorry

The No. 1 villain in all of England right now is 45-year-old unmarried bank employee Mary Bale, who was caught on video approaching a cat on the street, petting it, and then, like someone who has completely lost her mind, throwing it into a lidded garbage can. Unfortunately for Bale (but fortunately for the cat’s owner, who heard the cat mewing hours later), every square inch of the country is being recorded at all times, and it didn’t take too long for her to be identified once the video was posted to YouTube. Now, after receiving numerous death threats, Bale is apologizing, although not always in the most heartfelt ways.

I want to take this opportunity to apologise profusely for the upset and distress that my actions have caused,” she said today. “I cannot explain why I did this, it is completely out of character and I certainly did not intend to cause any distress to Lola or her owners.” Of course, she also added, “I don’t know what the fuss is about. It’s just a cat.”

Meanwhile, it occurs to us that Bale is kind of like the evil alter ego of Susan Boyle, another middle-aged, unmarried British woman, with a similar last name, who was made instantly famous — but in a good way — by the Internet.

Forgive me, says woman bank worker seen on CCTV shoving tabby cat in wheelie bin [Daily Mail UK]

British Lady Who Threw Away Someone’s Cat for No Reason Is Kind of Sorry