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Can Fragrance-Spraying Change the Scent of New Jersey?

In 2007, Middlesex County attached deodorizing sprays to the local landfill’s fence, which failed, somehow, to hide the scent. Now the county is bringing in bigger guns to combat this problem: Hundreds of gallons of a “fragrant, soapy, slightly citrus-scented” perfume, sprayed around town by trucks that look like military property. But it might be the sort of situation where the scent ends up “in your head” long after it’s actually gone, like your old apartment or your ex’s vomit.

It’s terrible,” said Jerri Shink, who lives with her husband and children on Ellison Road. “We go to the grocery store and my son tells people, ‘We live in the stinkiest part of town.’ You can’t open a window. At times it will permeate the walls.”

Oh, that’s just Danielle Staub, says Caroline Manzo.

Middlesex County attempts to neutralize landfill odors using fragrant spray trucks [New Jersey Star-Ledger]

Can Fragrance-Spraying Change the Scent of New Jersey?