Cat Lady Unmasked! Not Michelle Pfeiffer

The NYPD arrested a suspected serial boutique robber last night after she walked into a Soho shop toting a gun and wearing a burka. Apparently not a member of the Taliban or the Cordoba Initiative, cops have identified the alleged perp as Shanna Spalding from Queens, a.k.a. “the Cat Lady.” (Previous heists involved a woman wearing a cat mask.)

Spalding is also the lead singer of a death-metal band named Divine Infamy, for which she goes by the name “Purgatory.” According to the band’s MySpace page, the guitarists are named “Lord Dracanova” and “Genghis Khan,” and the drummer is named “Brendan.” They currently don’t have a bassist.

Or, for the time being, a lead singer.

Catty ‘rob’ gal caged [NYP, Divine Infamy/MySpace]

Cat Lady Unmasked! Not Michelle Pfeiffer