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Charlie Crist Can’t Remember What He’s Supposed to Believe Anymore

We’re only a few days into the general-election phase of the most interesting Senate race in the country — the Florida three-way between Republican Marco Rubio, Democrat Kendrick Meek, and Republican turned Independent Charlie Crist — and already Crist is demonstrating how hard it will be for him to thread the ideological needle in a way that will secure him a plurality vote this November with the right concoction of Democrats, Republicans, and Independents. (In a recent poll, Crist received 38 percent of the Democratic vote, 20 percent of the Republican vote, and 50 percent of the Independent vote.)

Back in the old days (April) when he was running as a Republican, Crist said he would have voted against health-care reform. But faced with the simple, easily-prepared-for question today — “How would you have voted on health-care reform?” — Crist said he would have voted for it, even though he thinks “it can be done better.” The Rubio campaign was quick to point out the flip-flop, but today Crist clarified that he had misspoken and would still have voted against the health-care legislation, even though it “does have some positive aspects.”

Poor Crist. His mind will gradually turn to mush as he tries to appease Democrats without alienating Republicans, and appease Republicans without alienating Democrats. When it’s all over he will have no idea what he believes, or who he is, and will spend the rest of his life staring out a window in a managed-care facility.

Crist flip-flops on health care [First Read/MSNBC]

Charlie Crist Can’t Remember What He’s Supposed to Believe Anymore