Chase Teller’s Rudeness Deters Another Robber

The other day we told you about a bank robber whose attempted robbery of a midtown branch of Chase was thwarted by an indifferent teller who simply walked away while he was mid-threat. Apparently this is Chase company policy, because this was not an isolated event.

From this morning’s crime log:

At 1:20 p.m. on Aug. 11, the crook strolled into the Chase branch at Eighth Avenue and 40th Street and slipped a teller a demand note.

After that, the crime log reports, he made his way to a more hospitable bank, the Sovereign at Eighth Avenue and 52nd Street, which he relieved of an undisclosed sum of cash a mere ten minutes later. So. While one could certainly argue that Chase’s decision to bait potentially armed and likely unstable criminals in a crowded commercial atmosphere is a dangerous tack to take, you can’t argue with the results.

Update: A spokesperson for Chase informs us that its employees are not rude, but following the “walk away” policy “an industry safety practice,” described in this letter from the NY State Banking regulator. So there.

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Chase Teller’s Rudeness Deters Another Robber