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Brokenhearted? Call Chuck Scarborough

After a bad breakup, Ellie Scarborough started a website,, where brokenhearted ladies can sign up for support in the form of you-go-girl texts, flower and chocolate deliveries, and life-coaching sessions. But sending herself bouquets of flowers and starting up a virtual shrine to her ex’s unrequited love were not actually the things that mended Ellie’s broken heart.

According to the Daily News, after she was dumped:

the first thing she did was call her dad, Chuck — the veteran NBC4 news anchorman and father figure to thousands of other New Yorkers. “We are very close and the hardest thing for him was seeing me so upset,” recalls his 30-year-old daughter. “His instinct was to step in and comfort me.” It was Chuck’s words of advice that motivated Ellie to stop feeling sorry for herself. “He told me to move on and that next time I’d do better!”

Well, there you have it. Poets, psychologists, and pharmacologists have been searching for it for centuries, but now we know: All that is needed to mend a broken heart is a pep talk from Chuck Scarborough! It seems so obvious in retrospect. NBC’s main number is 212-664-4444; if you cry hard enough, maybe the operator will put you through.

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Brokenhearted? Call Chuck Scarborough