Comedian to Hog the Bathroom for Five Days Straight

Mark Malkoff, a comedian known for stunts such as hitting all of New York’s 171 Starbucks in 24 hours and living in an Ikea for a week, has announced that he will spend five days living in the bathtub of his Astoria house. Part of the deal? Ridding himself of all electronic devices during his stay — no Internet, no iPhone, and no TV. Malkoff checked in to his new digs Monday morning, and will stay until Friday.

Malkoff describes himself as an “online addict” on his blog, and to temper the addiction he’s assigned himself some decidedly low-tech projects to accomplish while stuck in the tub. Here’s the list from his site:

Ambitious, for sure, though some seem more realistic than others. Plowing through Pynchon or memorizing the location of the world’s countries may be hard, but seriously, Mark, good luck with sewing on a button. Too bad you can’t Google the instructions!

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Comedian to Hog the Bathroom for Five Days Straight