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Former IBM Executive Realizes He Was ‘Played’ by Galleon Mistress

Back in the spring, Robert Moffat cried on the stand as he told prosecutors how he only gave Galleon accomplice Danielle Chiesi inside information because she was his “friend” and he was trying to help her. At the time, he had refused to help out with the case against her, out of loyalty. They’d had something special, he felt. Something real. “Everyone wants to make this about sex,” he later told Fortune, but “I know in my heart what this relationship was about: clarity in the business environment.” But now months have gone by, during which Danielle has not only failed to materialize outside his bedroom window playing “In Your Eyes” on a boom box but hasn’t called or so much as sent him an e-mail to be like, “Thanks for going to prison for six months for me.” And Bob is starting to realized that maybe, just maybe, he got “played,” as his lawyers put it in a letter to a judge requesting a more lenient sentence.

The letter, which was obtained by the Post, painfully, embarrassingly, recounts how Bob and Danielle, who met in 2002, “over time” formed an “intimate” relationship, at which point he gave her information based on “a misguided desire to appear important and knowledgeable.” And, in the conclusion that is like a twist of a knife to his heart, he wasn’t even the only one.

Poor Bob. As if being faced with jail time wasn’t bad enough, he now has to face up to the fact that the woman he cared about was having clarity in a business environment with dudes all over town.

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Former IBM Executive Realizes He Was ‘Played’ by Galleon Mistress